Tres Chic

Tres Chic_002

Exclusively for the Tre Chic event from Aphrodite and Heart Homes

“Fall in Love” Bedroom pack in PG & ADULT

filled with a ton of animations some texture changes and just beautiful quality

Tres Chic_006

Also at Tres Chic is the new most realistic Christmas tree available in SL

Tres Chic 1_004

New Xmas Trees, available in 4 types:

DECO (Without poses)

PG (With poses)

ADULT (With poses and more juicy poses)

FAMILY (with poses for Kid and Parents)

make sure to also check out the restaurant and main store at Aphrodites home

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Ferry Christmas

I'm on a BoatCheck out this beautiful New Ferry from Heart Homes. I went with the Holiday spirit on this one myself, but you can do up your version anyway you want.

Ferry 1As always Heart Homes has used some beautiful textures and amazing quality in this Ferry. I really like it as a party boat.


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From DaD – EXCLUSIVE @ “LTD: The Event” November 12th – 26th CHELSEA VICTORIAN LOFT

100% original mesh skybox.
This loft reflect the interior of a typical Victorian Apartment in the elegant area of Chelsea in London.

Loft“Chelsea Victorian Loft” is composed by a large entrance, double living room, bedroom, bathroom/wardrobe, large balcony.
By touch you can open/closed all windows.
The apartment in Victorian style is characterized by colorful walls and the finishing plaster white.
This loft has been designed so that you can color each room with a different color.
1. Select loft and go in EDIT MODE
2. Check “Select Face”
3. With mouse touch the wall face you want to color;
4. Go on Texture and Color and choose the color you want to apply to the wall.
5. Continue with other walls

Loft 1

Footage: 24×23 about
Land Impact: 50

These products are 100% mesh and has been completely made with cinema 4d.

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Home From Work

HomeAs most of you are heading in for your work day fighting your rush hour traffic and drinking your coffee; some of us are just getting home from work. I guess those of us who work nights take being a night owl to the next level.

!six o’clock! Colorful 60’s Gacha available @ Cosmopolitan through Nov. 21st

The creator of !six o’clock! takes great care to make sure you get amazing quality and some beautiful texturing in her creations. If you have not been to her mainstore please check it out today.
Items shown are as follows :

triple table
angled chair
red chair
beer fridge
vintage clock
vintage pink tube
’50s mirror table
curved sofa

this gacha can be played in Adult or PG
sofa comes with 18×2 regular sits
19 cuddles
and if played on adult gacha 14 adult animations

Angled Chair and Red Chair both come with 16 sits

!six o'clock! colourfull '60s - ADV

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Lazy Days

Lazy DaysSome days you have to just lay back and chill and spend some much needed alone time with your one. We call this our Lazy Days and we could not be more at peace when we are able to get moments like these. They are rare so we cherish them.

This Pose is from Something New and will be an EXCLUSIVE at The Black Dot Project event beginning on Nov. 11th.

Something New

Be sure to check out their stuff as it always amazing.

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Crystal Ball

Crystal BallWell we got this Crystal ball, I thought it was a snow globe but nope it is not. I tried shaking it and we tried rubbing it. Not sure it works right but I’m not exactly a Mystic. Either way it is a beautiful centerpiece.

All of these items are from !six o’clock! make sure to check out the main store.

Also try to check out the small shop at Cosmopolitan 

you can only find the Numbered Clock at these 2 locations

Numbered Clock New and On Sale Nov. 7th to the 13th

Occult items on sale 1/2 price at SaNaRae runs til Nov. 18th

Occult big sofa
Occult little Sofa
Occult table
all of these come in several colors Black is shown here also comes in green, red, blue, yellow, and white
also on sale is the Occult glass sphere

Both sofas has many animations single, couples and adult

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Dreaming of a White Chriatmas

White ChristmasWe all dream of a White Christmas and in SL we can make it happen any time we want.

In this post I would like to showcase two amazing items brought to you by Charis Design for sale at the GLH Christmas Fair

The Ice Lake which has several trees fish swimming under the ice a nice Chriatmas tree and a couple of deer as well as snow particles. It is 16×10 with a Land Impact off 33 including all listed.

Winter cottage which includes a few trees realistic snow textures and includes a fireplace inside.
It also is only 16×10 and a land impact off 33 all included

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