Country Boy

Country Boy_001.jpg

One thing I have learned throughout life is we can get through anything as long as we don’t let it beat us down. I know that sometimes a situation looks too tough to get through, but hold your head up high and get through it. Winston Churchill once said, ” When going through hell keep going.” This Country Boy will survive.


In this blog I want to feature this furniture and deco set from Heart Homes a part of the Aphrodite family.

This is called the “Sparkling Holidays” set and comes with all pictured including the Chandelier. ( Country Boy costs extra haha )

Heart Homes brings you amazing quality and beautiful textures. All there products come with an NC to explain how to use it best.

This is a couples set and features a variety of animations including props. You don’t want to miss out on this for your holidays.

Hop on over to the main store and pick this one up along with many other great items for anytime of the year.


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