The Awakening

Awakening_001Today was unlike any other he had ever experienced. It was as if he could feel the weight of the air pressed upon him. Everything he did was almost a struggle. This new sensation, what is it ?

As night fell he sensed a new presence within himself. Was he going crazy or was was he beginning a new phase in his life? He was unsure what was happening but he knew it would change him forever.

He chose to take a walk through the old woods and he heard a voice, “It is time.” Looking around he saw no one yet he didn’t feel afraid not even a shiver. He stopped as heard something approaching.

“Welcome to who you really are my child,” the voice again spoke. He thought, are they talking to me ?

A slight rustling came from the trees and crows appeared. Stopping mid stride, tilting his head and raising his arms he accepted them; or were they accepting him ?

“You will begin to see the world differently and understand the thoughts and feelings of others. You will see how heartless people really are. You will laugh at the knowledge of the truth. As you will help them make there thoughts and wishes come true. The world is full of darkness and you will lead the darkness in,” the voice laughed as it dissipated.

The crows flew off and he thought a moment about all he heard. He was not sure what all this was but he knew an Awakening had just begun.

On Chance

Hair – *~*Damsefly*~* Louie Non-Rigged Mesh w/HUD for hair and Bandanna

Shirt – ::GB:: Denim Zip up Jacket / Black comes with 2 tank tops and a shoulder bag @ The 24


Shoes – [GQ] – Retro 85’s v2.0

Body – TMP – Male Deluxe (Beta)

Skin – Labyrinth – Rider Skin [Light] – The Clean Shaven

Hairbase – JOMO – etched hair 04b

Ears – AITUI – Stretched Pixie Ears, Gen 4 w/HUD

Eyes – IKON – Hope Eyes – Abyss comes in system and Mesh w/hud

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