Asian Loft

Asian_002Exclusive Item from DaD to be sold at The 24( Slurl not yet available but check out this web page There will ONLY be 150 of these available. You do not want to miss this gorgeous skybox.

With a Land impact of only 31 this loft is 28X28 (with privacy cube 30×30)
The sliding doors are removable and / or lock by editing the notecard inside each door
This loft is perfect as a home or even as a small shop

Asian LoftAs you can see the texturing is seemless and smooth as can be. DaD always brings you the best quality and are definitely one of a kind. With this being an exclusive item it will be easy to miss out on and you don’t want to miss this one.The 24 2015- DaD DESIGN _ASIAN LOFT SKYBOX AD_ The 24 Sept 11th-19th, 2015 Trans

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