Woodstock Cottage

Woodstock Cottage “WOODSTOCK COTTAGE” 20% OFF DURING “The Fantasy Collective” 22th August – 15th September

The Woodstock Cottage is brought to you by DaD designs by far one of my favorite designers the texturing is unmatched and the quality of work is always astounding. Dad always brings you the best.

This Cottage could make a great guest house as well. It is such a beautiful build.

WOODSTOCK Cottage is composed by a large living room and two other rooms to use at Leisure. All 3 rooms are spacious as the cottage is 24mt x 17 mt and takes only 58LI.


The doors inside the Woodstock Cottage all are lockable via a notecard inside each door.

You have the ability to make  the Woodstock Cottage with your own personal feel with a series of objects created especially for this Cottage!
– Path Woodstock Cottage
A large square surrounded by a border of stones and with a central bed

– Ivy with leaves blowing in the wind

By Menu located on root prims (little tile placed on the left of the main entrance) you can stop/start wind effect. , sound and decide access to menu (default owner).
note: if you create your own ivy design please set small tile as root prim to continue to have access to Menu.

– Climbing Bougainvillea
you have 3 colors of climbing plant pink , yellow and green (default) . Also Climbing Plant have leaves with wind moving in the wind and Menu by touch.

– Old Lantern
by touch on/off flame

– Bush with yellow flower

– Wall Stone
Is composed by 4 design (3 straight and 1 ruined) . On box they are two version A & B because the light is different by side. If you want to use the wall 1 shot you will use the version B.

Woodstock Cottage and Decor TFC AD

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