Time with the Bestie~

Bestie FaceToo often we get so caught up in our everyday lives we do not make time for the ones that matter most. Jacee is one of my closest friends and shares my deepest secrets. She also shares her candy and ice cream and I may have stole a quick kiss.

On Chance

Shirt – H Y P N O T I K – Urban Shirt w/ blk white shirt

Shorts – Apple May Designs – Male Cargo Capri’s-Dirty

Shoes – GQ – Retro 85’s v2.0

Cap – Bad Unicorn – Bonds Baseball Cap

Body – TheMeshProject – Delox Body Male (Beta)

Hair Base – Jomo – etched hair 04b

Eyes – Ikon Hope Eyes – Abyss (L)

Ears – Mandala Steking season 5


Sweet Love from {xoxo} (stool) – Soon to be Available @ FAD

Comic Dust & {xoxo}  (Lollipop’s)- Soon to be Available @ Seriously Sweet Tooth Gacha @Candy Fair

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