Strange Love


You never know where life is going to take you. If we treat everyone we meet like a stranger we could miss out on the some  of the best times of our lives. Marley walked into my life and hasn’t stopped being amazing from the moment we met. She was once a stranger but is now so much more.

This pose is new from Something Erotic .. It is titled Shut Up and Kiss Me

SE~ Something Erotic Logo.png

Marley_004.png Please make sure to check out the mainstore as Something New/Something Erotic brings you the best poses in Second Life. They will even work with you on customizing a pose that is just for you.

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Weekend Warrior

weekend warrior_001.jpg

I think I may have watched too many Kung Fu shows. Well no matter I am the weekend warrior and you better watch out I am as dangerous as an angry mouse.

Something New part of the Warrior Prince set @ POSE LOVER monthly event
many other poses available coming up in future posts

Something New.png

On Chance
Hair – [taketomi] – Kai – Balayage w/HUD

Pants & Boots – Body Factory – Stark Leather Pants & Boots available now @ We ❤ Role Play

Gloves – Razor/// – Foe Gloves – XXX w/HUD

Body – Slink Physique Male Mesh Body

Skin – Tableau Vivant – Echo – Tone 7 – Natural (brown )

Ears – Mandala – Unisex – Steking Ears Season 5 w/ HUD

Eyes – IKON – Hope Eyes – Abyss – also come in many colors with mesh version as well as a hud

Furniture made by !six o’clock! available @ Cosmopolitan Dec 7th – 20th
please see attached ad for decription of products

B&W ADV.png

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Country Boy

Country Boy_001.jpg

One thing I have learned throughout life is we can get through anything as long as we don’t let it beat us down. I know that sometimes a situation looks too tough to get through, but hold your head up high and get through it. Winston Churchill once said, ” When going through hell keep going.” This Country Boy will survive.


In this blog I want to feature this furniture and deco set from Heart Homes a part of the Aphrodite family.

This is called the “Sparkling Holidays” set and comes with all pictured including the Chandelier. ( Country Boy costs extra haha )

Heart Homes brings you amazing quality and beautiful textures. All there products come with an NC to explain how to use it best.

This is a couples set and features a variety of animations including props. You don’t want to miss out on this for your holidays.

Hop on over to the main store and pick this one up along with many other great items for anytime of the year.


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Well we were sitting outside checking out these new chairs when I promise the ground exploded I really have no clue what happened though. Either way I am more worried about this water at the moment.

!six o’clock!!Six o'clock! The Chairs Seller.png

The Chairs Seller

At Lost and Found, from November 22th until 1st


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During the holiday season some days get so hectic you just need to sit back and relax. What better way than to do it with your loved ones ?

This blog features items from DaD available @ 2 different events so make sure to check them both out.

EXCLUSIVE @ “The Fantasy Collective‘s 2nd birthday Recycled ladder bookshelf

EXCLUSIVE @ Lost & Found  “Recycled Living Room”

Recycled ladder bookshelf  @ “The Fantasy Collective

Bulb light on/off by touch
Land Impact: 3

Recycled Living Room @ Lost & Found

This original living room is composed of a sofa and armchair created starting from a vintage bathtub!
A vintage bathtub cut, painted and filled with pillows.

The “Recycled Living Room” is available on PG and ADULT version and with 3 different style -Black & White;
-Christmas Edition;
-Neutral tones;
-All style with textures changer by touch shadow on the ground

*Bathtub Sofa
land impact: 6
* 30 single sit animations (with props & items)
* 18 Couple cuddle animations

*Bathtub Armchair
land impact: 3
* 17 single sit animations (with props & items)
* 6 Couple cuddle animations
*Bathtub Sofa
land impact: 6
* 30 single sit animations (with props & items)
* 18 Couple cuddle animations
* 34 Couple sex animations

*Bathtub Armchair
land impact: 3
* 17 single sit animations (with props & items)
* 6 Couple cuddle animations
* 11 Couple sex animations



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Moments are Forever


I always hear people talking about a moment in time. What I think some people do not realize that those moments are forever. A moment can change your entire life. Just like the moment this woman walked into my life.


These poses come to you from Something New available @  November round of MaMy Shopping Event  which the theme is Grease and we have two new exclusive poses out for you all. Hope you like them ♥

Something New.png


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Thanksgiving Buffet


I know how special Christmas ans so many other holidays are, but the meaning behind Thanksgiving is beautiful as well. We have so many things to be thankful for and so many blessings we can count each and every day. What are you Thankful for ?

This is the Thanksgiving Buffet available on Marketplace or in the Aphrodite main store.

Each food item on the table does give out items to everyone and there are many many drinks to choose from as well.

Aphrodite is so amazing in their quality and they really seem to get better with each item and as good as the quality already is I am not sure how that is even possible.


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Tres Chic

Tres Chic_002

Exclusively for the Tre Chic event from Aphrodite and Heart Homes

“Fall in Love” Bedroom pack in PG & ADULT

filled with a ton of animations some texture changes and just beautiful quality

Tres Chic_006

Also at Tres Chic is the new most realistic Christmas tree available in SL

Tres Chic 1_004

New Xmas Trees, available in 4 types:

DECO (Without poses)

PG (With poses)

ADULT (With poses and more juicy poses)

FAMILY (with poses for Kid and Parents)

make sure to also check out the restaurant and main store at Aphrodites home

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Ferry Christmas

I'm on a BoatCheck out this beautiful New Ferry from Heart Homes. I went with the Holiday spirit on this one myself, but you can do up your version anyway you want.

Ferry 1As always Heart Homes has used some beautiful textures and amazing quality in this Ferry. I really like it as a party boat.


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From DaD – EXCLUSIVE @ “LTD: The Event” November 12th – 26th CHELSEA VICTORIAN LOFT

100% original mesh skybox.
This loft reflect the interior of a typical Victorian Apartment in the elegant area of Chelsea in London.

Loft“Chelsea Victorian Loft” is composed by a large entrance, double living room, bedroom, bathroom/wardrobe, large balcony.
By touch you can open/closed all windows.
The apartment in Victorian style is characterized by colorful walls and the finishing plaster white.
This loft has been designed so that you can color each room with a different color.
1. Select loft and go in EDIT MODE
2. Check “Select Face”
3. With mouse touch the wall face you want to color;
4. Go on Texture and Color and choose the color you want to apply to the wall.
5. Continue with other walls

Loft 1

Footage: 24×23 about
Land Impact: 50

These products are 100% mesh and has been completely made with cinema 4d.

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